An awesome farewell to a teacher by school as well as villagers.

Farewell is tears with smiles . A teacher named Ashish Dangwal posted in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand was given huge love respect and a farewell by the people of the village . Such a farewell of kelsu ghati of uttarkashi was astonishing.In his facebook post Ashish Dangwal the teacher wrote” My dear kelsu valley , in front of your love your affection, your respect , your bonding my every words doesnt count. Because of government transfer i have to leave this village and i feel sad to leave the valley. The three years i spent with you are beautiful and unforgettable.He wrote ,”all the mothers ,sisters, old people, youth of Villages Bhakoli , naugaon, agoda, dadalaka, sheku, gajoli, dhadasa , the love affection u gave me in three years i will be in debt for whole life . I have nothing to give you , but i promise the the kelsu valley will be my new home, your son will come back to the place. My dear students always smile . You will be missed .