Raw turmeric used in marriages , being powdered by the mother for her daughter.

Raw turmeric also called Haldi , is used in marriages In india. The turmeric is applied in the face to complete the rashams of Haldi hath or bandd.

Ethnic dresses are a part of our culture to show the existence of diversity in a multicultural state like India .

With this device , womens best the turmeric and it produces powder .

“Culture dying in the process of Globalisation” . 🤔.


Pine’s Fruit . Also called Chetuu in Garhwali Language .

Pine , the tree is has both positive as well as negative effect on our environment . Pine trees are very tall and the leaves of pine also called Pirul is responsible for a number of forest fires in Hilly regions of Uttarakhand . When this fruit gets fires it rolls down the hills and more fire is distributed around the jungles .

Pine doesn’t let other trees to flourish around . Though pine is a beautiful tree but it is dangerous too .

Oh pine your are like a human who has some good qualities as well as bad qualities . 😂🙄😃. Agree ?

Narendra modi !

Hello bloggers! The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi , with the power of 125 crore Indians .

A man who was a tea seller in his early lives , went on adjusting with the Rss organization .

With constant struggle and hard work , he is now the Lion .

A true leader with great potential !!!

Keedajadi . The precious herb.

In the high altitude himalayas this keedajadi is found which can fetch up to 2 to 5 lakhs per kg in markets .

Keedajadi is an exceptional herb mainly collected in may June when snow starts melting in the high altitude region . Keedajadi , Brahma kamal, shilajeet are some of the very precious elements , used in various medicinal industries . This time there is unusual climatic conditions in india , which has made it tough for villagers to gather the stuff.

Turmeric also called as Haldi .

Turmeric is a spice which is used in Asian dishes . Turmeric has an extraordinary properties which are very beneficial for mind and body.

It’s contains anti oxidant properties . Being used since ages , turmeric use in food reduces alzimer and schizophrenia diseases .

Haldi or turmeric having extraordinary property is also used in marriage in Hindu religion.

Take a look .

In the frame is Mt Nanda Devi, the Highest mountain of Uttrakhand and 2nd highest in India .

Mt nanda devi is in chamoli garhwal. It is one of the most beautiful peaks to take a glance. The scenic beauty is worth to watch.

The amalgamation of clouds and mountains is as beautiful as that of Honey and Bee.

I belive to show positivity as much as possible. The view of Mt Nanda devi is not that clear , but definitely there the highest one.

Perseverance dedication and success.

With the theme of No dowry , many congratulations to Srijan and team for successful summit of Mt Banderpooch , a peak of The Great Himalayas. 6300 meters above the mean sea level is a strenuous task and all you need is no fear and just climb to success.

How difficult this task was and the resistance offered by the Himalayan environment , he and his team better knows. An expert mountaineer and a cheerful person Srijan’s and teams work is commendable and with the theme of No dowry , it’s a message to our society that Dowry system should be stopped and everyone should live with Harmony and Brotherhood .

Many more to come . Many Congratulations from my side.