Womens in combat role , Indian army.

Indian Army chief General Bipin singh Rawat today told that now womens will also be given a role to take part in combat role in army system in India. Before this womens were not allowed to take part in combat role and they usually took the logistics , or educational medical or some other army related works. 

General rawat told initally womens will be inducted in military police thereby to see or manage the work and looking for the discipline among the soldiers as well as the maintaining law and order inside army. He also told that womens have equal strengths as mens and he wants womens also to work as a jawan and come in a combat role. 

There are only few countries in world where womens are actually in combat role. These are USA , Sweden, Canada , France , Isreal etc. 

By this process there will be the gap filled as womens have the courage and power to be jawans. 

Naxalite problem in India

Hello friends , after having the sukhma attack and many attacks which have continously became a headache to India , I personally feel to pay homage to those 25 martyrs of CRPF , who lost their precious lives for the country. 

There is a very big problem of naxalites in India. Naxalism first came from the ‘Naxalbari’  which is a town in the West Bengal state of India. Out of 28 states of india there are around 15 states which are under the control of naxalites. It is estimated that 1/3 of the indian landmass is under the control Naxalites. It is also estimated that 1/5 of the nation’s forest are under the naxalite control. Naxalites have stretched their belts from west bengal in north to kerela in south. 

  •  The naxalites shows their presence in more than 170 districts in India across the 15 states which include Jharkhand , chattisgarh, Bihar, MP, AP, w.b etc. 
  • Highest no of incidents of voilence has taken place in four worst affected state like Chattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa. 

Now what are thee naxalites ideologies. 

  • Naxalites claim to represent the most deprived people of india , who are untouched with India’s development and bypassed the electoral process. 
  • The criticism against naxalites is that over the years they have become a terrorist outfits , extroting money from land owners and dominating the lives of local people and villagers. 
  • Curretly naxalites are against India. Their aim is to overthrow the present system of democracy in India and bring communism , hence they target police, contractors, forest guards, Army etc. 

 If the naxal growth continues with the present pace , my friends they could be worse than the Kashmiri militants , because of the extensive networks they have in these many states and the loyalty they command among their groups. 

The most worrying thing about Naxalites is that they are using and developing their own weapons like SLR’s insas, AK47, customizes rocket launchers etc.They also use landmines and IED which causes huge losses to the forces. 

There is the need to tackle the naxalite problem in India and specially in the states of Bihar, jharkhand, Chattisgarh, orissa etc. Our government has formed some forces like COBRA and Greyhounds to tackle with the naxalites. Some more good teams should be built to curb this internal disturbance in India . Naxalites are the big problems in India and through good education and good development of these naxalites prone area , the Naxalism can be tackled. 

Pauri Garhwal giving CM’s and people in top notch positions in India. 

​Pauri garhwal is a small district in the state of Uttrakhand , India. The panoramic view of the great himalayas, the lush green forests, beautiful terrain across the district, pure and clean atmosphere. Yes with some goodness this beautiful district is very nice to roam who all love mountains, curved roads, chilly winds.

 Recently this small district pauri was in news . In the legislative assembly elections in Uttrakhand and Uttar pradesh bjp won by above par margin. The two chief ministers who were elected i.e shri Trivendra singh rawat and Yogi Adityanath ji both hails from this pauri district of Uttrakhand. 

Well story doesnt end here as the district has given four chief minister to the Uttrakhand. Dr Ramesh pokhriyal nisank, Bhuvan chandra khanduri, and Vijay bahuguna . These all Cm’s hails from Pauri Garhwal. 
Year back Modi ji appointed the national security advisor of India i.e Ajit doval who hails from a small village in Pauri district. Doval is an Ias officer who is also known as james bond of India . 

New Army chief General bipin singh rawat also hails from the pauri garhwal district of Uttrakhand. 

Well wait,  there is some more to come. Recently , Anil dhasmana was appointed as the new RAW chief of India. The magic is RAW chief too hails from the Pauri garhwal district of Uttrakhand.

Pauri garhwal has given the workforce to the top notch positions in India.  Garhwali’s and Uttrakhandi’s have shown their ability to the India. Having more than  90% litreacy rate is the biggest advantage the state have but the hilly district is suffering from migration. Every year youths are migrating in search of employement to the cities which has left the beautiful villages barren. The unemployement rate has increased pressure on the villages and cities.  Government needs to bring some skilled development projects to counter this migration from the Garhwals. Cities already have much population to feed and there is more pressure in the cities. People are losing health , the rush life, unhealthy environment, etc have made everyone stunned.  As far as tourist activity is concerned the city having this god gifted beauty , never attract tourists as the government never took initiative to bring the tourism activities in the district. Well , its never too late to start. With new government we can hope to bring some goodness to these cities of garhwal too. 

How to be humble. 

Being humble isnt a bad idea when everybody around you is throwing negative feelings and thoughts . We were taught etiquette, manners, being humble etc since our childhood and specially in our moral science class. As we climb from one step to another in our life we remember some Moral science chapters and forget some . Moral science is one of the most important part of our child’s syllabus. Each and every parents should encourage their children to pay some attention to moral science also. It is said child is the father of the man and it is only the child’s upbringing which tells how child will sail throught the life. At some point of time in every individuals life there will be some circumstances where one might be living in a depressed state or a feeling of tensions ,stress and anxiety. One has to first learn to cope with these type of situations and problems and should always remember that as the place of the dustbin changes similarly the human problems never stick to infinity and they also changes with time. Time is the most important teacher in life and you should know that the most valuable assest in life is time. 

It is said human mind captures around 70 to 80 thousand thoughts per day . The amount of thoughts makes our lives more confusing and the focus of life goes. Meditation is the best way to focus on the positive energy and kick out the negative energies in our lives. Be humble towards your body and soul.Have good feelings to others. Play with little kids, talk to old people, make friendship with good people. Life goes on and it is you who can make it best. Live it hard . 

Amazing mystery life and death

The biggest invention of life is the creation of death.As we float by one stage of life to another our ultimate destination lies in the graveyard or being cremated. Each and every wish of people may not be fulfilled but this destination is sure and at one point of life everybody reaches there. The world is broken or afraid by the fact that they may lose their loved ones but they forget that they too have to lose themselves one day to this life. It is said as the soul leaves the body of ones it captures the other body. This cycle is infinite as the soul will always find the body to acquire for some point of time. 

Heaven and hell are the two terms used by the bodies and everybody wants to go to the first one i.e heaven but how would we know where the soul goes until we are alive. This is the biggest mistery of life as where the souls floats after the death. 


Where there is any paradise on earth it is this , it is this ,it is this. Yes am talking about Uttrakhand. A majestic place which is also known as devbhoomi is one of the most beautiful states of India. The panoramic view of the great Himalayas from various regions , the lush green meadows in the upper region , the meeting of rivers at various Prayags, the age old temples i.e Chardhams and many more countless beautiful places is what Uttrakhand is mainly known for. Also known as Devbhoomi or land of god is one of the most beautiful hotspots in the world. 

  • ABOUT NANDA YATRA’S                                            

  1. As the majority of people in Uttrakhand are Hindu’s so there are many Hindu festivals celebrated here. One such festival is Nanda devi Rajjat yatra or festival. This is the three week long yatra celebrated in every twelve years in the Garhwal and Kumaon district of Uttrakhand. People from Garhwal , kumaon and various parts of India come to participate in this yatra. Here in this yatra goddess Nanda devi is worshipped in different parts of the regions . This yatra covers around 23o km’s distance by foot. 
  • The jaat or pilgrimage starts from the Nauti village in Karanprayag tehsil in chamoli district and goes upto the height of Roopkund and Homekund with the four horned sheep or “chausingya khadu” which in local language means a sheep with four horns. The centre of attraction of this whole yatra is this four horned sheep as the yatris go with the sheep to the different padavs. This 230 km by and overall 290 km’s yatra is though hard to do but it is priceless and the yatra comes with a very wide gap of 12 years . As the yatra continues from Nauti village it goes through various villages. There is a recognised temple of Ma Nanda devi at village Koti (my nani’s village). At koti a night of programs takes place where the goddess is worshipped whole night and different celebrations takes place. Here in koti Ma Nanda meets her brother Golu devta . The scene is epic as the village is flooded with the devi’s doli, chatolis, and people who attend this rajjat.

The previous yatra was held in August 2014.  As the yatris have to cover around 20 padavs of the total distance of 290 km’s this is very tough yatra to do. As this yatra covers various places ma nanda meets her sister in the bhagwati village . In this yatra there comes the lake of skeltons i.e Roopkund where lies hundered of skeltons. 

From nauti the yatra proceeds to kansuwa village. Next day the yatris proceed to different padav i.e Sem village. From sem village yatris goes to Koti village and then to Bhagwati village. After bhagwati village yatris goes to Kulsari , chepdue and then to Nandakesari. From Nandakesari the yatra goes to Faldiagaon , Mundoli and the to village Wan. From here the toughness of yatra starts as there are steep slopes ,  glaciers , and upper himalayan climatic conditions which can be worse so one has to come with full preperation . 

From Wan village the yatra goes to Gairoli patal and then to Bedni Bugyals. This bugyals or lush green meadows is one of the most beautiful bugyals of Uttrakhand. The whole place is covered with only lush green grasses. The yatris take rest in this bugyagl. Next day the yatra goes to Patar Nachoniya . After this village or region three most toughest regions starts. Yatris or rajjat walks through snow and glaciers . The yatris goes to Bhagubasa ,  then to Roopkund where one can find hundreds of skeltons in the lake if the lake is not freezed with ice.  From here the yatra goes to Homekund and then finally to Sheela samudra. Here comes the place where the four horned sheep or chausingya khadu is sent off by the hundereds of yatris or pilgrims to her saural i.e at the base of Trishul parvat. 

To attend this long yatra one has to reach chamoli district. The closest airport is around 220 km from here named jolly grant airport and the closest railway station is rishikesh station. By road one can reach here by taking NH 58 which is Rishikesh Badrinath highway. 

This yatra is very sacred and full of difficult terrains. People who are nature lovers and those who believe in rituals and ceremony are most welcomed to join this yatra. Sending Nanda devi from her Mayaka i.e Nauti village to her sasural i.e Homekund is what the whole Nanda devi rajjat all about. The four horned decorated with ornaments , food and clothing is worshipped . After the havan yagna is over the four horned sheep is freed as this remarks sending ma nanda to her sasural . The four horned sheep then proceeds to trishul parvat and the yatris comes back sending goddess. 

This yatra is priceless to do as one can mix with the variety of culture present in Garhwal and Kumaon region. Government should show more effort to take this yatra to the world level . Nanda devi yatra marks the epic history of Uttrakhandi sanskriti or culture. 

Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes by government of India.

Black money 

In the midnight on 8th of november , governmemt of India took a bold step to black out the 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes from circulation and issue of new 500 and 2000 rupees notes. This demonetisation of notes is a serious and bold step to just kick out the unearthed notes which is the real cause of the wide gap between the  rich and the poor in India. This was really a surprise to everybody as modiji again showed only great leaders can take great decisions. 

This decision to black out the circulation of big currency notes is done to take out the black money, taxless wealth which people have put in their homes, stop funding of terrorism as big value notes are in action for this proper supply of funds between these terrorist organisation. Today indian population has such a high amount of black money that once people start giving proper income taxes to the government the growth and development will automatically will start faster. 

Today many businessmans , lawyers, hospitals owners, politicians, etc have huge amount of cash which is no where in the eye of income tax department. In elections black money is used in a significantly high amount which will definitely dampen the growth , integrity and development to farmers, workers, lower middle class etc in India. The demonetisation of these notes will force the people to show their wealth and if they dont these huge notes will be just a piece of paper. 
Demonetisation procedure is not new and it is discussed in other countries also. Whenever there is a huge amount of black money cirrculating throughout the country , government demonetises the high value currency notes so as to curb the black money. 

Today in India there is 39% of 1000 rupees currency notes and 45 % of 500 rupees notes in circulation. The amount which is used to print a 1000 rupees notes is around 3.5 rupees and to 500 rupees note it is 2.5 . There will be no problem to those people who deals in cashless transaction i.e is by cheques or debit or credit cards. 

This decision is surely a tough for small businessmans and to those people who deals in cash. This is just a few weeks tension or difficulty but by this decision the new phase of Indian economy will definitely starts.  Today huge cash is in the form of black money is circulated in real estates and land businesses .Suppose you have a land of 1 crore. If you will pay proper tax to this money it will be around 30% to the money exceding 10 lakhs. It means you have to give around 27 lakhs tax to the government in this amount 1 crore . But today hardly anyone dealing in the land businesses give such a huge amouny of tax. Demonetisation of big currency notes will slow down the rates and prices in real estate and constructions. 

A visionary man Modi Ji just kicked the black money in the single stroke on the midnight. It departement will surely have a keen eye on people now . Demonetisation will be very effective in countries progress as unaccounted wealth makes rich more rich and poor people more poor. 

There are many cases of fake currency around India. People dont even know if they have a real note or not. By just demonetising big currency notes these fake currency will have no value. Money used in terrorism activities is basically these high value notes . Terriorist uses these black and fake currency to buy arms and ammunitions. There is a huge loss to Rbi because of cirrculation of fake currency. 

Many people have applauded modi ji and reserve bank of India for this immediate action.It was a superb decision in a single hit and it will all change the corruption and black money methodologies in India surely. Though people will have to stand in a line for hours in banks and atm’s but its a few weeks tension. Some good days are comming in the leadership of Narendra damodhar das modi and it will surely come in future. The solid plans of modiji like ujjwala yojna, jan dhan bank account etc have been well in target.  People are accepting the solid leadership of modiji. My India is changing and we common people should also understand our responsibility for the growth and development of the country. 

The new notes of 500 and 2000 will be different. Those who have real legal money can exchange their white money in the bank. Only things we have to do is to show our respect for this decision. We as a citizens should help in the integrity, soverignity and development of nation.

Be ecofriendly, don’t kill the mother Earth

All the way around I was seeing the rush life in the city. Vechiles are constantly running and ejecting the so called carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide,etc which are acting as a slow poison to kill the mother Earth. Carbon emission has caused enough  climate change which humans can understand. Air pollution has caused millions of deaths worldwide. Are the humans digging a hole in ground just to fell themselves. Yes , indeed humans have severely punished this mother Earth. Defforestation,carbon emission, waste production, global warming, cfc emissions ,  nuclear attacks, etc have been properly utilised by humans just to create a slow acid to this Earth or rather to themselves.

World has already crossed with the population of more than 7 billion. Population explosion is the major cause of all these problems as the number of user increases the quality of life and environmemt decreases. We should understand our responsibility for the goodness and being ecofriendly. You should have somewhere in the mind to save these non renewable resources such as petrol, coal, gas, etc. The Cfc i.e chloro fluro carbons produced by refrigirators causes the ozone layer depletion which is the major cause of rise of the earth’s temperature. Global warming issues are gone be very serious as the civilisation proceeds. As the average temperature is increasing day by day there will be a definite shortage of water in the comming years as the glaciers will start melting faster. Coastal countries and cities are in high risk and verge of being drowned by the ocean as the water in the ocean is constantly increasing due to this carbon emission and other environment related issues.

What to do and what not

We should adopt some conservative methods . Car pool,afforestation, proper utilisation of renewable sources of energy such as wind energy, solar plates, geothermal energy etc,  use of CNG  instead of carbon emitting fuels petrol and diesel.Nowadays non biodegradable wastes such as plastic, electronic waste, fertilisers , pesticides, etc has been a real world problem. 

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide has caused the average increase in earth’s temperature . Other greenhouse gases include sulphur dioxide which is the main cause associated with the acid rain. Pollution has caused millions of deaths world wide and will cause more until we adapt some measure to curb this pollution and production of millions of waste  daily. 

Everybody needs to understand the importance of our natural resources. Nowadays every family in towns and big cities have cars, bikes and all. They are never willing to take the option of car pool . We must adopt this method of not using our bikes and cars daily and sometimes use public transport. Our contribution is must to pull out this pollution problem and excessive use of non renewable resources. Nowadays CNG is being adopted as a way to curb the sulphur and carbon content in air. 

Solar panels, wind energy, dam, etc are the sources of energy which looks quite good as far as environmental affects are concerned. Pollution is growing day by day and the air is just losing its taste just because of the greedy humans who are living in her lap yet they are managing to contribute to kill this beautiful planet . Some adaptive measures need to be adapted by us just to make our environment healthier to live in. 

Today many Indian cities are in top 100 in the list of the most polluted cities in the world  . It be Delhi , mumbai, Patna , Gwalior,Dehradun etc. The air quality in these cities is worst . The particulate matter in air is high above the average value. Due to millions of vehicle roaming in the cities, the industries emitting the worst carbon content in the air just making the quality of air and health worse and worse. 

Gopinath temple Gopeshwar, Chamoli, Uttrakhand.

Temples location

Gopinath temple is a very old hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva . The temple is situated in the mandir marg area in Gopeshwar town district Chamoli state Uttrakhand. This is a very old shiva temple dates back to 11 century . One of the most beautiful temples of north India Gopinath mandir’s architecture is same as that of Kedarnath temple situated in Rudraprayag district . This tall temple stands firm from centuries and is a perfect example of beautiful architecture done by our ancestors in that time. 

Gopinath temple and its nearby sites are under the Archeological survey of India . Any harm done to these sites and temple are punishable under Archealogical survey of India act. Everybody visiting to this beautiful temple should respect the age old sites and idols and things inside the temple premises. When our government of India can do things to save our beautiful monuments and age old sites why not us. 

Gopinath temple can be reached by the NH58 which runs from Rishikesh to Badrinath in Uttrakhand. From Chamoli district one road runs to Badrinath temple another road goes to Gopeshwar town which is merely 10 km from here . It is said that the temple is build by the  Katyuri dynasty around 11 century . Some religious scholar says that at Gopinath temple lord Shiva burnt kamdeva (Lord of love) with his Trident i.e trishul to ashes. 

The famous trident of shiva

The temple’s outer as well as inner structure is fascinating. Around the courtyard of the temple you can find many shivlings , a tree called Kalpvirksha , idols of other god and goddess . As the temple is dedicated to lord shiva there must be a trishul in the temple. Yes, there is a very big trishul outside the temple which stands firm from centuries. More than 5 meters tall trishul of lord Shiva is so magnificient and holy that it just connects you to Shiva . The trishul is very old yet there is no rust or weather impact on the trident. It is said by this trident only lord shiva burnt kamdeva here. A slight touch by the small finger makes the big kundals hanging in the trishul vibrate. A very hard firm shaking by both the hands does nothing. This is the beauty and holy powers of this temple and trishul .

There is a vaitarni kund around 200 meters away from the temple . The water in the kund is believed to be holy and people take a bath in this water. The sites near the vaitarni kund also comes under the Archeological survey of India. The water which comes in the kund is way from the upper  bugyals where the  Rudranath temple is situated. In winters when the whole rudranath temple is covered with snow the doli and idols are taken to Gopinath temple. Pandits and shiva bhakts take the heavy doly i.e idols from Rudranth to Gopinath temple which is around 25 km by foot only because no motorable road is connected there. The love for lord and true devotees can always be found in the temple. 

Main festivals associated with temple

The main festivals associated with this temple are mahashivratri and jalabhishek yatra from vaitarni kind to this temple. Ladies from the village collect holy water of vaitarni kund and carry them in their head . The jalabhishek is carried out to please the lord shiva , the creator as well as destroyer. At mahashivratri festival the whole temple is dressed with lights and the whole temple is filled with the presence of devotees.  The tiwaris are the main pandits of this temple. Gopeshwar city is surrounded by many famous temples of India such as Tungnath, Anusuya Devi , Rudranath, Badrinath . Kedarnath is though a little far but not too much from this town. 

The beauty , divine and temple archtecture in uttrakhand is finest of its class . You will always love these places once you go there. Pack your  bags guys its time to know something about devbhoomi uttrakhand. Hope you like this little information and my experience about this temple and town. Living is fun when stay in the lap of nature. Go green and have a love and kindness for our trees , plants and animals too.  

Kedarnath musk deer wildlife sanctuary 

Kedarnath musk deer wildlife sanctuary is a national sanctuary located in Chamoli and Rudraprayag district of Uttrakhand. The main purpose of this sanctuary is to protect the endangered himalayan musk deer, a very rare species. Covering the total area of around 975 sq.km this sanctuary is the largest protected area in the western himalayas.

While going through the kedarnath sanctuary the flora and fauna of this place gives the real feel why Uttrakhand is blessed with such a splendid beauty and natural lamdscapes. The aroma of the thick wild forests, lovely chriping of birds, green meadows, etc kedarnath musk deer wildlife sanctuary stretches from 1200 meters to 7000 meters from mean sea level. 

The name Kedarnath is given to the wildlife sanctuary is because of the most famous and divine shiv temple kedarnath located inside this sanctuary area in Rudraprayag district . Most of the area inside the sanctuary is covered with heavy snow in winters as severe cold conditions are found there. The best time to visit this sanctuary and famous temples located in this area like rudranath, tungnath , kedarnath, etc is between april to june or from september to november. The nearest airport to this sanctuary is Jollygrant airport in Dehradun and the nearest railway station is in Rishikesh.Uttrakhand transport coorporation buses are always present if you want to travel in these. The road which leads you to this wildlife sanctuary is from chamoli via gopeshwar  mandal and then finaly to chopta which is the entry point to the sanctuary. The other way is from Rudraprayag district via ukhimath. 

Snow, mountains, forests,wildlife, meadows, height. what all a nature lover needs. The Garhwal in uttrakhand is blessed with full of these exotic locations. Nature or wildlife enthusiast will definitely want to visit such places. The main species found in this wildlife sanctuary are himalayan musk deer, himalayan beer, snow leapord, tail less mouse, rhesus macaque, langoor etc. The main purpose of the sanctuary is to protect himalayan musk deer with are very venurable to poaching. The musk pods or glands present in male musk deer has a value of around 20 lakhs rupees per 25 kg that is used in cosmetics and other medicinal purposes. 

A beautiful wildlife sanctuary admits its heavenly presence in the state uttrakhand. The reality and sweetness of these jungles will definitely win your hearts. The threats to visitors is from natural landslides which is common in these areas mainly in monsoon .There are also many wild animals attacking humans in past encountered in these areas . People must come in groups and with a local guide to visit this area . The very beautiful lush green bugyals at an altitude of around 3000 meters are worth to watch. The himalayan ranges as seen from this sanctuary are chaukhamba peak, kedarnath peak, nanda devi group etc. 

Lakhs of tourist in summers go to these places as Badrinath and Kedarnath temple are situated in this area . These many number of people visiting here is enough to tell the beauty bound to this state called devbhoomi. You can find on of the most valueable and medicinal plants as you go around 3000 to 4000 meters above mean sea level. Kidajaddi, Brahmakamal, and many more you can find here. Tourism in these areas is the main source of income for many people in the nearby areas of this sanctuary. If you are not a garhwali you can enjoy the garhwali food in these dhabas and shops. 

Hope you are packing your bags and making plans to visit these areas in garhwal and this beautiful kedarnath musk deer wildlife sanctuary.