All weather road project . Gov of India . 

The prestigious all weather road project of modi ji , developing char dham roads has been started and the work is in progress. Some ground reports below. 😀. 

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After open defication in the jungle , Had no other option . The water was very cold , i.e. Enough to freeze the a.s . But hopefully everything was fine. 

It was 20 km by foot trek. A night hault at a place so beautifully arranged by hardwork. The place is a meadow least spoiled by human beings. 


What does it truly mean to be called one of the sexiest women in the world? Well, it takes more than just being physically stunning, because any teenager can chase a woman for her looks. No, to be sexy is to have confidence, brains, talent and a way to light up an entire room while walking into it. 


There came the sun 

With its sunlights scaterring 

Then came the sparrow 

Whispering , 

She had slept late  , 

she woke after the sparrow ,

Then the chance of he was to wake up.

He and she were in hospital .

He battling a deadly strom.

she was waiting for he to wake up.

But sadly he was asleep , 

He was on the other world ,

She was alone with he, 

He was declared by doctors. 

She cried , took her gold nose ring, 

Opened the mouth of he 

and poured the gold ring .

With all high emotions she didnt forget the rituals.

She was left to feed two mental daughters , two school boys and to marry two girls.

He being gone.

The powerful courageous , 

Did everything perfectly

The two daughters were married in a good family

The two boys are doing struggle in their fields. 

The two mental daughters are battling their fate. 

The beautiful women loved everyone equally. 

#Love #will #pay. 

Needs to slow down on some issues.

Whatever our heart says is not always what we should do. Mind makes our decisions stronger though it may dominate the emotional connection of heart with our actions. Actions with a positive sense always achieves their desires. The one vagabond who goes out to search new place achieves great satisfaction knowing something new or meeting a totally new place . 

Our heart and mind never act together. It is the heart which can make out actions a little unachievable because of the emotional strains or strees upon them. The mind totally ignoring the emotional aspect of a work or action has greater possibility to accomplish its goals. The main point is how to control excess emotions without taking the thought of heart. Mind is a marvelous gift of nature to man. No other thing in this world is as beautiful as the creations of things from the result of brains. The brain as we all know can be controlled through meditations but it needs rigrous actions , to accomplish the tasks.