Extreme autonomy to Mnc’s is behind global warming and pollution.

Global warming has been one of the key issues of the 21st century . The rise I the temperature of earth because of the melting of ozone layer present in the stratosphere .

The depletion is caused by many chemicals such as Cfc, halogens etc.

With the invention of wheels or rather engine , pollution started occupying it’s place in society. The industrial revolution in England is the prime example of this move in the history. As the wheels and engine got merged , the necessity of oil started.

The burning of oil produced a lot of carbon which is very healthy for our lungs 🙄🙄😑😑. Man has gone towards comfort , forgetting that his own comfort is unusual.

A critique to extreme modernization and development.

Bro give me lift .

Picture garhwal himalayas.


Raw turmeric used in marriage

Raw turmeric also called Haldi , is used in marriages In india. The turmeric is applied in the face to complete the rashams of Haldi hath or bandd.

Ethnic dresses are a part of our culture to show the existence of diversity in a multicultural state like India .

With this device , womens best the turmeric and it produces powder .

“Culture dying in the process of Globalisation” . 🤔.

Pine’s Fruit . Also called Chetuu in Garhwali Language .

Pine , the tree is has both positive as well as negative effect on our environment . Pine trees are very tall and the leaves of pine also called Pirul is responsible for a number of forest fires in Hilly regions of Uttarakhand . When this fruit gets fires it rolls down the hills and more fire is distributed around the jungles .

Pine doesn’t let other trees to flourish around . Though pine is a beautiful tree but it is dangerous too .

Oh pine your are like a human who has some good qualities as well as bad qualities . 😂🙄😃. Agree ?