Naxalite problem in India

Hello friends , after having the sukhma attack and many attacks which have continously became a headache to India , I personally feel to pay homage to those 25 martyrs of CRPF , who lost their precious lives for the country. 

There is a very big problem of naxalites in India. Naxalism first came from the ‘Naxalbari’  which is a town in the West Bengal state of India. Out of 28 states of india there are around 15 states which are under the control of naxalites. It is estimated that 1/3 of the indian landmass is under the control Naxalites. It is also estimated that 1/5 of the nation’s forest are under the naxalite control. Naxalites have stretched their belts from west bengal in north to kerela in south. 

  •  The naxalites shows their presence in more than 170 districts in India across the 15 states which include Jharkhand , chattisgarh, Bihar, MP, AP, w.b etc. 
  • Highest no of incidents of voilence has taken place in four worst affected state like Chattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa. 

Now what are thee naxalites ideologies. 

  • Naxalites claim to represent the most deprived people of india , who are untouched with India’s development and bypassed the electoral process. 
  • The criticism against naxalites is that over the years they have become a terrorist outfits , extroting money from land owners and dominating the lives of local people and villagers. 
  • Curretly naxalites are against India. Their aim is to overthrow the present system of democracy in India and bring communism , hence they target police, contractors, forest guards, Army etc. 

 If the naxal growth continues with the present pace , my friends they could be worse than the Kashmiri militants , because of the extensive networks they have in these many states and the loyalty they command among their groups. 

The most worrying thing about Naxalites is that they are using and developing their own weapons like SLR’s insas, AK47, customizes rocket launchers etc.They also use landmines and IED which causes huge losses to the forces. 

There is the need to tackle the naxalite problem in India and specially in the states of Bihar, jharkhand, Chattisgarh, orissa etc. Our government has formed some forces like COBRA and Greyhounds to tackle with the naxalites. Some more good teams should be built to curb this internal disturbance in India . Naxalites are the big problems in India and through good education and good development of these naxalites prone area , the Naxalism can be tackled.