Lost in wild. 

If it is there any paradise on earth , it is this,  it is this,  it is this. 

The lush green meadows showing its heavenly presence in the chamoli garhwal area of uttrakhand. The wild escatasy , embrace the perpetious beauty , and long live our green meadows and mountains. 

Being a nature lover u gain a lot of experience while exploring these new places.  You dont fear if there be any wild animal or natural danger bcoz a nature lover dont get fear from natural things or animals. 

The most beautiful thing about meadows is that there is a hell peace all around . You can just stay silent and u will find yourself floating in the sky. 

Rush is no where here. Life is awesome. 


Do you love hilly towns. 

Everyone likes to be in the place which is suitable for their body . Hilly towns not only gives fresh environment to us but also are less prone to diseases. As people have to walk up and down most of the time , their stamina is superb . This Hilly district of himalayas is Pauri Garhwal. 

Pauri garhwal gives the splendid view of the panoramic view of the great Himalayas in Winters. The winters are very cold here. Have a visit of this place in winters. Good night .