Happy new yearΒ 

Wishing u all happy new year. God bless .


Photography .Β 

This is a vegetable grown in Garhwal region . It is very beneficial to boost ones metabolism . The spikes present makes them attractive . It is free from chemicals as no pesticides is used here. 

I love pahadi dishes and vegetable. Planning to upload more stuff from Our himalayan region . 

Thank you for reading. πŸ˜€

Perfect View of Dehradun city from maggie point Mussorie road.Β 

Flashing the lights on the cat and look what is behind. The beautiful doon city .

The life is on . The cold breezes in winters and the view from the point is amazing. The Doon city famous for its school educatio all over India is shining bright there. 

Oh some one sparkelled the lights on me 

i was nervous yet didnt move

the person shooting the lights smiled 

The smile was for 2 things 

The perfect combination right there. 

A walk in the jungle at night.Β 

Converting whatever i said in Hindi to English.

My foot steps are heading towards thr jungle in the midnight around 11.30 PM. There is the danger of the attack of the wild animal in night i.e. Pahadi Guldar or leapord , but still am not afraid. I am walking by foot . There is the rainy weather on the particular night and the roads are slippery. The street lights are not properly developed in this place. I am going home attending a marriage where the marriage hall was 2 km away. Himalayan states looks beautiful but the development is least and employement rate is less.

Khatro ke khiladi. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž