Womens in combat role , Indian army.

Indian Army chief General Bipin singh Rawat today told that now womens will also be given a role to take part in combat role in army system in India. Before this womens were not allowed to take part in combat role and they usually took the logistics , or educational medical or some other army related works. 

General rawat told initally womens will be inducted in military police thereby to see or manage the work and looking for the discipline among the soldiers as well as the maintaining law and order inside army. He also told that womens have equal strengths as mens and he wants womens also to work as a jawan and come in a combat role. 

There are only few countries in world where womens are actually in combat role. These are USA , Sweden, Canada , France , Isreal etc. 

By this process there will be the gap filled as womens have the courage and power to be jawans.