Pauri Garhwal giving CM’s and people in top notch positions in India.Β 

​Pauri garhwal is a small district in the state of Uttrakhand , India. The panoramic view of the great himalayas, the lush green forests, beautiful terrain across the district, pure and clean atmosphere. Yes with some goodness this beautiful district is very nice to roam who all love mountains, curved roads, chilly winds.

 Recently this small district pauri was in news . In the legislative assembly elections in Uttrakhand and Uttar pradesh bjp won by above par margin. The two chief ministers who were elected i.e shri Trivendra singh rawat and Yogi Adityanath ji both hails from this pauri district of Uttrakhand. 

Well story doesnt end here as the district has given four chief minister to the Uttrakhand. Dr Ramesh pokhriyal nisank, Bhuvan chandra khanduri, and Vijay bahuguna . These all Cm’s hails from Pauri Garhwal. 
Year back Modi ji appointed the national security advisor of India i.e Ajit doval who hails from a small village in Pauri district. Doval is an Ias officer who is also known as james bond of India . 

New Army chief General bipin singh rawat also hails from the pauri garhwal district of Uttrakhand. 

Well wait,  there is some more to come. Recently , Anil dhasmana was appointed as the new RAW chief of India. The magic is RAW chief too hails from the Pauri garhwal district of Uttrakhand.

Pauri garhwal has given the workforce to the top notch positions in India.  Garhwali’s and Uttrakhandi’s have shown their ability to the India. Having more than  90% litreacy rate is the biggest advantage the state have but the hilly district is suffering from migration. Every year youths are migrating in search of employement to the cities which has left the beautiful villages barren. The unemployement rate has increased pressure on the villages and cities.  Government needs to bring some skilled development projects to counter this migration from the Garhwals. Cities already have much population to feed and there is more pressure in the cities. People are losing health , the rush life, unhealthy environment, etc have made everyone stunned.  As far as tourist activity is concerned the city having this god gifted beauty , never attract tourists as the government never took initiative to bring the tourism activities in the district. Well , its never too late to start. With new government we can hope to bring some goodness to these cities of garhwal too.