Look how the water is resting in the big leaf.

Cylinder shaped water drops when poured on these big leaves makes a beautiful shape.


The Meadows . Rudranath .

So it was a long 50 km of trekking in Uttarakhand Rudranath region. The uphill trek is one of the toughest trek to do.

The Meadows are present between the Forest line and the snow line in Himalayas region . Meadows are not only beautiful to look but they carry some life saving herbs , which are helpful in various medicine industries.

The above image shows the merge of water and grasses. It was an awesome place with quite environment.

The beautiful rest house In the region .

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One day a king called Akbar and his guide Famous Birbal , and the guards were passing a jungle . In the meanwhile Akbar stopped and sat down with other men. Akbar told birbal to take out the apple from the bag . Akbar took his Gold plated knife and started cutting apples in pieces .

Suddenly he cut his finger with the sharp knife . There was blood flowing out of his finger. Akbar started regretting himself for not paying attention while doing work .

His witty philosopher Birbal said king Akbar ** Whatever Happens , happens for good ** . The king being in pain said Birbal are you idiot. I am having pain and you are talking about whatever happens happens for good.

Birbal said king Akbar this is how world goes. Akbar was very angry and called his guards to take the Birbal and put him behind then cage thereby hanging him till death before the sunrise.

Guards took the Philosopher Birbal to jail and the king Akbar continued his journey alone in the jungle.

As the king was moving ahead he was faced by the tribal people of the Jungle. They saw akbar and caputred him. Akbar was terrified as the life was in threat.

Tribal mens said we will sacrifice Akbar today . As they were about to kill akbar one men saw the finger cut in the hand of Akbar. He said master wait , the men is having a cut in his finger . We cannot sacrifice a body which has a cut .

Akbar was very happy , surviving at the very last moment. He started thinking about the words of Birbal that * whatever happens , happens for good * . He immediately rushed to the jail where Birbal was about to be hanged. Akbar after reaching the jail said to guards to leave the Birbal .

Birbal was surprised by seeing akbar . KING AKBAR said oh dear Birbal the words u said when my finger was cut were right . My body was about to be sacrificed when they saw my finger cut and left me uttering that the body is not pure to be sacrificed .

Akbar said to Birbal “sorry Birbal I gave u punishment “. Birbal again said king everything happens for good . Akbar asked Birbal why u again said this that Whatever happens happens for good . Birbal said king if u would not have given me punishment, I would have accompanied you and those tribal people would have given my body to sacrifice .

We both are safe and secure .

That’s why it was rightly said , whatever happens , happens for good. 😊😊

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Enjoy the photographes , animals looking to hunt .

The Guldar is waiting for its turn to come out and terrify the crowd.

The famous Ganges river Prayer , Ganga arti in Haridwar.

Hello guys. So today i will be talking about the Ganga arti which is held in Haridwar every day around 6 pm in evening. The sanskrit chants are spoken by the religious man in the banks of Ganges river comming from the Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

The beautiful ganga arti and people around the Bathing Ghats is awesome.

The management staff collects whomsoever wants to give money to for the arti .

Front view .

Nature photograph.

The sunlight strikes the great Himalayas. The long panoramic view of Himalayas are so magnificent and eye striking . In the picture the Chowkhamba and trishul peaks are shown . There are other peaks too like hathi parvat , bandarpuch etc.

The view is seen In winters and the cold winds that blow from there towards the city is amazing.

There are many hotels in the area and people come to visit , but the government is unable to develop tourism in the place . I have taken the step to showcase my city to the world and let the people from all around the world see the beauty of Pauri Garhwal a small city in Uttarakhand , India.

Pauri garhwal was the capital of British Garhwal when the Britishers were rulling in India.

Long live the Himalayas. 🙂