Brain washed fundamentalists.

If the blood of our soldiers has flown , now it’s time to take your blood. The recent attacks on Pulwama in kashmir region of India where more than 40 crpf paramilitary forces soldiers have been killed and many injured has again showed the dark and evil side of Pakistan .

The sucide bombing attacks has ripped the peace of the nation and the seeds of terrorism planted by ISI , jaise mohammad , of Pakistan have been brutal.

It’s the right time to kill every terrorist in the region and boycott pakistan on every front. The Bloodshed’s of our soldiers just because of these masterminds who brain wash youth and fill their mind with killings of innocents is very sad.

It’s time to take action like usa and isreal who have shown how to tackle these terrorists.

Rest in peace to all those crpf jawan who died in the sucide bomb attack. May your soul rests in peace .


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