The Mighty Himalayas 

Every morning in winters , a long white line in front of my eyes used to fascinate me. In childhood days , sitting in the terrace and watching this white line , my dream, as a child was to build a brigde and go for a walk to reach there. Every day until i get old , it was my dream to build a brigde and go for a long walk and touch the white line and come back.

The great Himalayas. The youngest fold mountains of the world are so fascinating . The Himalayas are not just rocks covered with snow, nor just the guarding body protecting us from cold siberian stroms, guarding us from our new political and economical rival China , they are a living entity in my heart.

My hearts treats himalayas just as a human being , having a life, pain , suffering, joys. The water soaked from the glaciers is the reason why civilization flourished in the cities as well as in the whole northern plains. The cities of Allahabad , kanpur, haridwar, Rishikesh, Agra, etc are just because of the gift called glacier waters rewarded by the Himalayas.

Himalayas make us stronger. Himalayas are our lifeline. Imagine India without Himalayas. No civilization can flourish without the proper supply of water.

The Himalayas are tall, they have life saving Plants . The Mount everest is the heart of Himalayas. In the picture the Trishul and Chaukhamba peaks are shown.

The unprecented glance of Himalayas is the utmost happiness for me. The Himalayas are in danger. The climate change has drasticslly affected the ecology of the Himalayas. The carbon emission in the cities are the main reason why , the melting of glaciers is in the peak.

we have to find some solutions before there comes other major threats to the ecology of the great Himalayas.



7 thoughts on “The Mighty Himalayas 

  1. One of my dreams is to visit India and/or Nepal and learn more about how the people who live near the Himalayas relate to the mountains. It seems to me that some local people view the mountains very differently than many people in the US and Europe. I’d also love to learn more about the fascinating wildlife that manages to live, even thrive, in the mightiest mountains on Earth.

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